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Doing Business with the City - Tenders, Bids, Proposals, Contracts, Agreements

Do you have what we’re looking for?

Before you submit your bid, please ensure you’ve thoroughly reviewed the requirements (see below) for the contract you’re interested in.

The City of Summerside is currently seeking vendors for the following:


Please note:  Tender Bid openings will be video recorded for public viewing and made available on this page within one week of opening.




Tender:  Generator #2 Heat Exchanger Replacements Deadline: June 23, 2021 at 2:59 PM
Contact: Rob Steele 902-888-7613
Please see Tender Document for all details. 
RFP: 750 kVA, 3PH, Dead-Front, Pad-Mount Distribution Transformers Deadline: June 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM
ContactJennifer Nelson 902-786-6861

Please see RFP Documents for all details. 
 Active Transportation
Deadline: June 17, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Contact: Gary McInnis
This tender consists of the widening of approximately 370 meters of street widening on Greenwood Drive and 125 m sidewalk construction.

Tender forms, specifications, and plans may be obtained from the Technical Services Department 3rd Floor, 275 Fitzroy Street. Non-Refundable Deposit of $25.00 per set of drawings will be required. Bidders can alternatively email sandra@summerside.ca to register for a copy of the tender documents and any addendums to be sent to your email address. Non-registered tenders will not be opened.

Closed Tenders:


RFP:  EPC - Sunbank Solar Farm
ContactGreg Gaudet 902-439-5776

RFP:  Sunbank BESS
ContactGreg Gaudet 902-439-5776

RFP:  EPC - Sunbank Utility Connection
ContactGreg Gaudet 902-439-5776

Surplus Items: Fireworks Equipment
Contact: Chief Ron Enman 902-439-3850

Reads Corner Lift Station Replacement
Contact: Pat Hughes  902-892-0303

RFP - Core Block
Contact:  Mike Thususka

RFP: Pole-Mounted Electrical Distribution Transformers
ContactJennifer Nelson 902-786-6861

Tender: Multipurpose Field Turf - Civil WorkTender Drawings
Contact: Nick Sharkey 902-303-1333

Surplus Item:  2005 Sterling Acterra Cab and Tandem Chassis Only (No Box)
Contact: Brett St.John 902-888-9234

RFP: 500 kVA, 3PH, Dead-Front, Pad-Mount Distribution Transformers
ContactJennifer Nelson 902-786-6861

RFP: Sand Remediation - Green's Shore 2021 
Contact Trent Williams  902-432-4963

Tender: 2021 - Substation R7 & R9 Replacement
Contact Gerald Giroux 902-786-8134

Tender: Multipurpose Dome Welcome Building & Drawings: Multipurpose Dome Welcome Building
Contact: Nick Sharkey 902-303-1333

Tender:  Generator #8 Governor Upgrade
ContactRob Steele 902-888-7613

Tender: Armoury Building Renovations - Front Step Reconstruction & New Entry Stair
Contact: Lori Ellis 902-786-7432

Tender: Armoury Building Renovations - New Patio
Contact: Lori Ellis 902-786-7432

Tender: Boardwalk Replacement
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFP: Capital Bridge Financing
ContactClayton Smith 

RFP: 75kVA, 3PH, Dead-Front, Pad-Mount Distribution Transformer
ContactJennifer Nelson 

Tender - Tantalus Server
Contact Nicholas Wilkie 902-432-1375

Tender -  Waverly Storm Sewer
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFP - Playground Equipment
ContactTrent Williams 902-432-4963

RFP - Boardwalk Repairs 2021 Project
ContactGreg Gaudet 902-439-5776

RFP - Seaweed Recovery & Removal - Green's Shore
ContactTrent Williams 902-432-4963

Tender - Duke & Cedar Storm Sewer
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Tender: Pope Road Line Relocate
ContactJennifer Nelson 902-786-6861

Tender:  Technician Service Van 2021 
ContactRob Steele 902-888-7613

Ditch Cleaning and Culvert Supply & Installation Tender
Contact:  Brett St. John 902-888-9234

Watermain Drilling Machine Tender
Contact:  Brett St. John 902-888-9234

Pickup Truck Municipal Works Tender
Contact:  Brett St. John 902-888-9234

Asphalt Patching Tender
Contact:  Owen MacDonald 902-439-5322

Tender - Pope & Central Intersection
Contact: Gary McInnis 

Armoury Building Renovations - Masonry Repairs
Contact:  Lori Ellis 902-786-7432

Tender: 2021 Tandem Truck Chassis
Contact:  Brett St. John 902-888-9234

Tender: Combination Salt Spreader/Dump Box
Contact:  Brett St. John 902-888-9234

Tender: 2021 Rubber Tire Front End Wheel Loader
Contact:   Owen MacDonald 902-439-5322

Tender - Sewer Replacement
Contact: Tony Gallant 902-888-7888

Tender - Sidewalks
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Tender - Multipurpose Field Turf
Contact: Nick Sharkey 902-303-1333

Tender - Multipurpose Air Inflated Dome Structure
Contact: Nick Sharkey 902-303-1333

Tender - Water Replacement
Contact: Tony Gallant 902-888-7888

Tender - Paving
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFP - 3PH, Dead-Front, PAD-Mounted Distribution Transformers
Contact:  Jennifer Nelson, 902-786-6861

Tender No. 2021-SS-RFP-004 Engineering Services
Contact:  Greg Gaudet 902-439-5776

RFP -Substation Maintenance Services

Contact:  Gerald Giroux 902-786-8134

RFP - Read's Corner Lift Station
Contact:  Tony Gallant 902-888-7888


For information about an RFP or the City of Summerside’s Procurement process, contact:

Roger Ahern
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 902-432-1220
City of Summerside, 94 Ottawa Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1H9

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Contractor Requirements

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