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Tree and Plant Safety

Trees and Electrical Safety

Our ability to provide reliable and safe electrical services to our customers may be affected by trees that are too close to power lines. Not only can power lines in contact with trees pose public safety hazards, but they can also cause interruptions in electrical service.

Power outages in PEI occur often by trees making contact with lines. These outages can be prevented by properly planned tree planting.

Summerside Electric performs tree trimming services to prevent branches and trees from coming into contact with power lines. We only trim as much as necessary, however, in some cases, when high potential risk exists, we may need to entirely cut down trees.

If you have a tree on your property that poses a serious electrical hazard, contact us to determine if we can remove it for you. Never try to trim trees yourself when there is a potential that they are in contact with energized power lines.

Our tree trimmers are properly trained and will remove branches to redirect growth away from the lines while ensuring the future health of the tree.

Planning Before You Plant

  • Avoid planting trees near power lines
  • Before planting, consider the tree’s potential height and width at maturity and plan planting accordingly, keeping power lines in mind.
  • If there may be underground power lines, contact Summerside Electric before you dig.

Plant for Energy Efficiency

When you’re planting trees or shrubs, also remember that properly planted and selected trees can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Deciduous trees should be planted on the west and southwest sides of your home. Because they lose their leaves in the fall and winter, sunlight will stream through them, helping to provide heat to your home.
  • For shelter from cold winter winds, plant a windbreak of evergreens to the north and west of your home.

If you happen upon an electrical emergency, call 911.

For more information, contact:

Greg Gaudet - Municipal Services Director
[email protected] 
City of Summerside, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1H9

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