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Dangerous, Hazardous and Unsightly Premises

To report a dangerous/hazardous/unsightly property, click HERE to download a Bylaw Complaint Form.

Most Summerside residents take great pride in the appearance of their property. However, comments and concerns are sometimes received about unsightly properties. 

The Dangerous, Hazardous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw (CS-11) was established to help keep the City clean, safe and attractive. 

What does the bylaw cover?

The Dangerous, Hazardous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw is applicable to properties that do not meet the general condition and state of tidiness of the City.

The bylaw applies to properties with:

 - excess trash or litter
 - objects or conditions that create fire, health or accident hazards
 - heavy undergrowth
 - lack of maintenance or repair


This bylaw is enforced once complaint is submitted to the City of Summerside. Upon inspection, if a property is found to be below the City standards as per the bylaw, the land owner will be contacted and required to improve the appearance of the property within a reasonable amount of time.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Langdale
[email protected]

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