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Accelerated Housing in Summerside

Posted on 01/09/2024

SUMMERSIDE, PE – With federal funding and federal leadership we are changing how cities let housing get built in their municipalities. With a greater focus on higher density housing, student housing, homes near transit and affordable housing we are going to get more homes built for Canadians at prices they can afford.

Today, the Government of Canada and the City of Summerside announced that they will invest nearly $5.8 million to fast track 132 housing units in Summerside communities over the next three years. 

Under the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF), the signed agreement with the City of Summerside will provide nearly $5.8 million to eliminate barriers to building the housing we need, faster. Summerside’s Action Plan commits to fourteen initiatives that will implement zoning changes for increased density such as allowing four units per residential lot as-of-right, reduce barriers for accessory dwelling units, incentivize multi-unit and missing middle development and establish a new east-west growth node.

HAF is helping cut red tape and fast track at least 100,000 permitted new homes over the first three years, which cities and regions estimate will lead to the creation of over 700,000 permitted new homes for people in towns, cities, and Indigenous communities across Canada over the next decade. It asks for innovative action plans from local governments, and once approved, provides upfront funding to ensure the timely building of new homes, as well as additional funds upon delivering results. Local governments are encouraged to think big and be bold in their approaches, which could include accelerating project timelines, allowing increased housing density, and encouraging affordable housing units.

The Government of Canada is making life more affordable for Canadians – and housing is key to our work. We will continue to work with provincial, territorial, and municipal governments, as well as Indigenous partners, to keep building more homes for Canadians, faster.


“With federal funding, and federal leadership we are changing how cities let housing get built in their municipalities. Today’s announcement will help incentivize 132 additional housing permits for Summerside. By working with cities, mayors and all levels of government we are helping to get more homes built for Canadians at prices they can afford.” - The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

“By building more affordable homes more quickly, our government is unlocking new opportunities for growth in Summerside. Working together, we can equip our communities with new tools to support them to reach their potential and turn possibilities into realities.” - Robert Morrissey, Member of Parliament for Egmont

“Summerside continues to create more attainable housing, with the collaboration and support of federal funding. Today’s $5.8 million announcement is a pivotal stride in accelerating a further 132 new housing units over the next three years. Through the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) we will be able to deliver more attainable housing for Summerside and support the infrastructure we need to support that growth. Summerside is all-in on housing. The HAF complements our housing strategy to build more varied, diverse, dense and attainable housing across the City. We are breaking down housing barriers through innovation and hard work to achieve our goal of creating more attainable and affordable housing for all our residents. Today's announcement will help us get there faster”. – Dan Kutcher, Mayor for the City of Summerside

Quick Facts:

  •  Today’s announcement was made by Robert Morrissey, Member of Parliament for Egmont and Dan Kutcher, Mayor for the City of Summerside
  •  The City of Summerside Action Plan has an emphasis on initiatives focusing on zoning changes for increased density, reducing restrictions on accessory dwelling units, incentives for multi-unit and missing middle development.
  •  Launched in March 2023, the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) is a $4 billion initiative from the Government of Canada that will run until 2026-27.
  •  The Housing Accelerator Fund is part of Canada’s National Housing Strategy (NHS), an $82+ billion plan to give more Canadians a place to call home. Progress on programs and initiatives are updated quarterly at The Housing Funding Initiatives Map shows affordable housing projects that have been developed.
  •  As of September 30, 2023, the Government of Canada has committed over $38.89 billion to support the creation of over 151,803 units and the repair of over 241,133 units. These measures prioritize those in greatest need, including seniors, Indigenous Peoples, people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and women and children fleeing violence.

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The City of Summerside is located in Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada with the mindset of promoting and advancing its small city with big opportunities. Summerside offers a diverse market and skilled workforce and is a leader in sectors such as green energy, sport tourism and rapid economic growth. To learn more, please visit or connect through Facebook, X, or Instagram

For further information or media inquires, please contact: 

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City of Summerside

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City of Summerside

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