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Summerside Electric

Current and Planned Power Outages:

Click on the date below to be directed to the power outage details including map of area(s) effected. 


Date:  Friday, May 17, 2024 (Weather permitting)
Time:  12:00 AM (Midnight) – 4:00 AM (Approx) 
Where:  Circuits 5 and 8, Central/Western portions of city. 
Why:  Maintenance to utility poles, part of $300,000 pole replacement program
Inquiries: Call 902-432-1268

May 16-17 Planned Outage - with streets JPEG-min.jpg

May 17th outage street list.xlsx

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Power Outage Map

New Development / Construction:

Summerside Electric is responsible to provide services to residential and commercial customers. Development within the City is booming and with that comes requests for new services to be installed, service upgrades and meter disconnects/reconnects.

On the following tabs, you will find information related to the work process/workflow, Information for Electrical Contractors, and FAQ.

Electrical Service Request Form

Please complete the form below to advise Summerside Electric of details pertaining to your request for a new connection, upgrade of service or meter only(Disconnect/Reconnect) requests.

Summerside Electric strives to complete these service requests as soon as work scheduling permits.  We require at least a minimum of five (5) business days of advance notice in order to prepare and incorporate your request into our work schedule, thus ensuring your project is not delayed.  Summerside Electric will follow-up with the person selected as the primary contact to advise them of when the job has been scheduled.  

Please note:  For all new connections and reconnections, an electrical pass must be provided to to us by the province.  Once the pass is received, the service request will be completed as soon as can be conveniently scheduled.  Please allow for up to 15 business days from the time the pass is received to completion of request.


Before any work is schedule, Summerside Electric will require an account number or purchase order number. If unavailable, please 'N/A' in the field.  Our team, will review your information and follow-up with you to discuss procedures and answer any questions you may have.

Please supply a Summerside Electric account number or a PO Number:    


Primary Contact:             Who will be responsible for billable services:   


Company Name:  


Contact Number:  

E-Mail Address:  



If different from Primary Contact.

Company Name:  


Contact Number:  

E-Mail Address:  



Service Address:    

Building Permit #: (If applicable):  

Type of Occupancy:  



For temporary, new or upgrades, please ensure that the service details are filled out.

Service Request:  

Facility Type:



Service Details:



If this is a new build, please complete the section below.


If this is a new build, please complete the section below.

Is your lot staked where the proposed Building will be located?  Yes   No  Do not know

Facing the property from the road, please describe the direction the permanent service is to be installed:

Approximately, how close is the nearest power line to your property?   Meters


Comments/Additonal Information:


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