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2024-25 Capital & Operational Budget

Posted on 03/11/2024

SUMMERSIDE, PE - The City of Summerside has officially unveiled its 2024-25 Operating Budget, featuring several key allocations aimed at forward-thinking infrastructure needs and enhancing community development. Notable highlights include a $5.5 million investment for the second phase of the east-west corridor project. This initiative is designed not only to alleviate traffic congestion and improve transportation efficiency but also to unlock up to 300 acres of land for essential residential and commercial development, thereby addressing the city's housing shortage.

Additionally, $5.0 million will be directed towards enhancing the electric system, ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of the energy supply. Anticipating ongoing infrastructure needs, particularly with approximately $3.5 million earmarked annually for upgrades over the next decade, this investment underscores the city's commitment to sustainable and robust utilities.

Furthermore, $3.2 million will be allocated to vital water and sewer infrastructure projects, reflecting the city's dedication to maintaining and improving essential services. Other notable allocations include $531,000 for street resurfacing, $530,000 for sidewalk construction and replacement, and $453,000 for Active Transportation initiatives, with additional funding from external sources bringing the total investment in this area to $906,000.

2024-25 City of Summerside Budget

The budget also includes $354,000 for intersection improvements, $277,000 for fire and police equipment upgrades, and $100,000 for downtown beautification and public art projects. Additionally, $90,000 has been allocated to support the ditch infilling cost-share program, demonstrating the city's commitment to enhancing its urban environment and quality of life for residents. Through these strategic investments, the City of Summerside aims to address critical infrastructure needs, foster economic growth, and enhance the overall well-being of its community.



The City of Summerside is located in Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada with the mindset of promoting and advancing its small city with big opportunities. Summerside offers a diverse market and skilled workforce and is a leader in sectors such as green energy, sport tourism and rapid economic growth. To learn more, please visit or connect through Facebook, X, or Instagram


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